Advanced image processing


We apply advanced processing algorithms to medical images to generate 3D models that represent faithfully the patient’s anatomy.

Inteligencia artificial en imágenes médicas para modelos 3D

How is advanced image processing developed?

Our imaging technicians and radiologists use the most advanced medical imaging methods to generate a patient-specific model tailored to the surgeon’s needs.

Advanced medical image processing combines medical image processing, radiomics, and artificial intelligence algorithms, which results in technologies that are revolutionizing the interpretation of medical images to obtain segmentation with a high degree of precision.

It is possible to merge the information from different medical modalities, allowing to take advantage of and add up the available information of the patient.

Research in radiomics

Radiomics is a method that is capable of extracting a large amount of information and features from medical images using data characterization algorithms. These features, called radiomic features, have the potential to classify pixels, discover patterns, and subsequently identify structural features of the patient that are not visible to the naked eye.

It allows the extraction of a large amount of quantifiable data contained in medical images. This advanced computational analysis application opens a new paradigm in radiology, moving from a subjective evaluation to a quantifiable one.

The study of tissues based on the statistical properties of their images allows greater accuracy and veracity in their identification, being able to determine biomarkers – extracted computationally – that objectively characterize the tissue.

At Cella Medical Solutions we have lines of research open for obtaining, by means of radiomics, 3D models with high added value medical information from biomarkers in medical imaging.