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Cella Medical Solutions

World reference in technological solutions for planning, guiding and simulation in complex surgeries


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We work in innovative solutions

We work creating solutions designed to solve all the problems during the life cycle of a complex surgery. We know that each patient is unique, therefore, we treat each case individually.

Surgical Planning

3D reconstruction of the patient’s anatomy. Virtual and physical 3D models

Simulación quirúrgica - gafas de realidad virtual

Surgical simulation

Interaction in a reality and simulation environment with emulated texture models.

Surgical Guidance

Guides that are accommodated in the patient during the intervention.

Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Advanced  Image Processing

3D Print

Robotic & Laparoscopic Surgery

Technology & Innovation at the service of surgery

Our solutions are adapted to problems that arise in surgery and for each patient. Cella Medical Solutions develops disruptive technology for the service of surgeons to treat each patient with greater efficiency, precision and safety..


Cella Medical Solutions

3D models of patient´s anatomy

3D modeling reconstructs the patient’s anatomy thanks to its high degree of precision and multiple applications in surgery.

3D models can help surgeons in making decisions for the planning of complex surgeries and, consequently, allow them to obtain better clinical results, with less risk for the patient and with significant savings in intervention time and in hospital’s costs.

Our Solutions

3D modeling from medical scan images

The models are created from medical images of the patient (MRI, CT, PET or a combination of these). For the construction we use advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence and medical images processing supervised by specialized radiologists.

Advantages of using 3D models

Our solutions provide benefits at all levels of the surgical field. Discover the positive impact that our 3D models will offer for surgeons, patients and hospitals:

More precise surgeries with better planning: early detection of problems and better approach with objective decisions.

Safer surgeries: reduced risk for the patient, less aggressive interventions and decreased intraoperative complications.

More efficient surgeries: decrease in intervention times.

Improves the internal communication of the medical team, the training of new surgeons and the relationship with patients.

Company news

Staying connected is very important for us, sharing the news & developments of Cella Medical Solutions. Find out new launches, medical projects, succesfull cases, and achievements of the company.

CDTI is committed to innovation and development of Cella

CDTI, through its Innvierte program, has participated in an investment round in Cella Medical Solutions, betting on innovation and the development of surgical applications with 3D models. CDTI is the body of the General State Administration that supports innovation...

Intraluminal navigation. Discover this new feature

When we are faced with the surgical planning of a cancer patient, we frequently see vasculature  in contact with the tumor. With our 3D virtual models you can study the relationship between the tumor and the structures, but doubts often arise about whether there...

How we help during the Covid-19 pandemic

At Cella Medical Solutions we are aware of the enormous sacrifice and effort of our healthcare personnel to fight this global crisis. For this reason, we make ourselves available to the medical services of the country to help with the different needs that are...

Cella Labs,our R&D space

Research & Development

+60 ongoing research projects

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