3D print


We create life-size replicas of the anatomy using different 3D printing techniques to create high-precision and quality anatomical models of the real anatomy of the patient to be operated on.

Inteligencia artificial en imágenes médicas para modelos 3D

Aplications of 3D printing models

At Cella Medical Solutions®, we create life-size replicas of the patient’s anatomy to help surgeons plan the surgery. Our printed models are manufactured to actual size with a high degree of accuracy and quality. Each case goes through a study process to make a 3D printing version adapted to the surgical procedure, differentiating structures by colors and transparency.

We adapt to each model


3D medical models can be printed in rigid or texture-emulated materials. The latter emulate the mechanical properties of real tissues, allowing cutting, suturing and simulation of open surgery in the laparoscopic or robotic system.

Visible vasculature

Adapted to the needs of the surgeon and to facilitate correct surgical planning, the 3D printed models make the vasculature and its relationship with the tumor visible. Precision in the vasculature is essential to creating these 3D printed models.

View adapted to the surgical approach

Colorectal surgery 3D printed models adapt to any case to facilitate correct surgical planning. In this case you can see the infiltration of the tumor in the colon. In addition, it incorporates the surrounding muscles.

Mobile tumors and openings

Possibility of printing the tumor as a mobile element to be able to remove and visualize the parenchyma and infiltrated vasculature after resection. In addition, there is the possibility of making the model with openings to see the interior of the model.

And much more. We adapt our 3D models to the specific needs of surgeons.