Augmented reality


Augmented and mixed reality technologies allow us to add valuable information to the real image of the patient or our 3D printed models.

Inteligencia artificial en imágenes médicas para modelos 3D

How are we developing augmented reality?

The projection of virtual models on the patient allows a new experience during the intervention to offer maximum safety during it. Thanks to augmented and mixed reality, virtual anatomical models are superimposed on the surgical field, guiding the surgeon at all times about the exact location of the elements of interest, as well as adding valuable clinical information about what they are viewing at all times.

The application of augmented reality makes it possible to translate all the decisions made during surgical planning, such as resection margins, cutting or ablation trajectories, into the surgical procedure.

Modalities with which we work

  • Augmented reality integrated with the image of the robotic console and laparoscopy towers.
  • Mixed reality through autonomous devices, such as HoloLens 2.

What are the benefits of using augmented reality in surgery?

  • Surgery planning will be an immersive experience with the model.

  • Get to relate each pixel of an image with the class it is representing.