Virtual reality


Discover an immersive experience for training and teaching. With our virtual reality environment, surgeons and medical students can immerse themselves in the patient’s anatomy and better understand the pathology to be treated.

Inteligencia artificial en imágenes médicas para modelos 3D

What applications does it have?

Captivating environments allow navigation in the patient’s anatomy to plan surgery with a 360º 3D experience. Interact with the model, plunge yourself in it and review the areas of interest for surgery from all perspectives.

With virtual reality technology, advances have been created in simulation for teaching and training, allowing residents to better understand the pathology and visualize the surgical procedure in patient-specific cases before the actual intervention.

What are the benefits of using virtual reality in surgery?

  • Plan the surgery with a mesmerizing experience with the virtual 3D model.

  • Simulation applications for teaching and training.