Robotic and laparoscopic surgery


Surgical robots are used to perform surgery using tools mounted on robotic arms. The surgeon controls the robotic arm with a computer.

Laparoscopy is the minimally invasive alternative to conventional open surgery in which a small camera called a laparoscope is used to see inside the abdominal cavity.

Inteligencia artificial en imágenes médicas para modelos 3D

Full integration of our Surgical Planner

Our virtual surgical planner will be integrable in surgical robot consoles and laparoscopy towers so that the surgeon has continuous reference with our 3D models during surgery. This allows the surgeon to consult the models whenever necessary to offer support during the entire procedure time.


    • Control by voice commands for the total freedom of the surgeon in the interaction with the anatomy.
    • You can take decisions made in the office to be taken to the operating room.
    • We work on the application of augmented and mixed reality to merge the real image with the virtual one, for maximum integration.