How we help during the Covid-19 pandemic

Mar 3, 2022

At Cella Medical Solutions we are aware of the enormous sacrifice and effort of our healthcare personnel to fight this global crisis. For this reason, we make ourselves available to the medical services of the country to help with the different needs that are considered:

1. Covid-19 3D modeling: Pioneering work with the medical services of the Madrid Hospitals group in generating advanced 3D models with Covid-19 lung infection to determine predictive variables.

2. Protective screens: Comprehensive training of the Pediatric Surgery Service of the Virgen de Arrixaca University Clinical Hospital (Murcia) and donation of more than 500 screens to the Murcian Health Service

3. Mechanical ventilation devices: Manufacture of valves for the transformation of 20 snorkel masks into non-invasive mechanical ventilation devices for Hospital Quirón Salud Torrevieja (Alicante).

4. Adaptation of FFP masks: Manufacture of more than 100 fastening tapes to prevent marks and damage to the skin of healthcare personnel at the Virgen de Arrixaca University Clinical Hospital and Quirón Salud Hospitals.