Benefits of using 3D-MSP® in complex surgeries

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Medical Team

For each complex surgery 3D-MSP® is associated with specific benefits. To know details contact us.

  • More precise surgeries.
  • Safer interventions.
  • Lower surgical time.
  • Optimizes surgical strategy.
  • Improves the understanding of the pathology.
  • Lower intraoperative complications.
  • Facilitates communication among the medical team an the patient.
  • Specific versions for different surgeries: hepatic, pancreatic, colorectal, urological, etc.



Medical centres also benefit from the implementation of 3D models for surgery planning:

  • Cost reduction due to the decrease go operating time, better treatment and the reduction of  the average hospital stay.
  • Improves the hospital’s image in terms of innovation.
  • Strong differentiated brand identity.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.



3D-MSP also benefit the patient during surgery and throughout the recovery:

  • Less invasive surgical procedure.
  • Faster recovery and less rehabilitation.
  • Best results: Less morbidity and enhanced esthetics.